Implant supported dentures are sturdy, reliable and can help your jawbone maintain its density after tooth loss. If you are considering receiving this popular tooth replacement option, it’s important to understand some basic information beforehand. Here’s what you should know about the placement process and how long your treatment will likely take.

Preparing the Treatment Site

After your dentist in Durango, CO, determines you’re a good candidate for implant supported dentures, he’ll prepare the surgical site as necessary for the procedure. Some patients may require a sinus lift or bone grafting before they can successfully support implant posts for a prosthesis. The good news is that implant supported dentures don’t require as much bone mass as traditional dental implants do, so you’re less likely to need special preparatory procedures.

Treatment Length

As with any treatment, the timeline for implant supported dentures can differ from one patient to another. However, most people can expect the process to take approximately four to six months and consist of the following steps:

  • Implant Placement: During this step, the jawbone is surgically uncovered at the implant post sites. Your dentist in Durango, CO, drills holes in the bone through which the implants are inserted. Recovery time can be anywhere between three and six months, after which you’ll receive your second surgery.
  • Exposing Implant Heads: During the second surgery, the tops (or heads) of your implants are uncovered and a cap or healing collar is placed on top. You’ll need to wear the collar as directed (typically up to two weeks) before it is replaced with abutments.
  • Prosthesis Placement: Once your abutments are placed, your prosthesis will be attached to the tops.

Your dentist will give you instructions for taking care of your dentures. You’ll also need to schedule regular follow-up appointments after your treatment to ensure the treatment sites continue to heal properly.

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When it comes to replacing your teeth, it’s wise to select a treatment that will produce lasting results. To talk to our skilled dentist in Durango, CO, about implant supported dentures, call the practice of Mason O. Miner today.